Novruz — Azerbaijan’s most loved festival

By Asif Masimov Фев18,2021
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The most cheerful and long-awaited holiday of Azerbaijan – Novruz Bayram beckons, welcoming the spring season. Say goodbye to the old year, prepare for the physical and spiritual renewal that spring brings. Beginning with a week-long celebration starting on March 20th, Novruz Bayram marks the start of the traditional new year.


Traditionally, Novruz is celebrated in Baku — where the annual festival is set up near the Gosha Gala Gates of Icherisheher (Old City) and the Boulevard for several days. Festivities include magician and rope walker performances, souvenirs and products of national craftsmanship, decorative arts, mugham, and classical and jazz music concerts. You can also indulge in traditional cooking activities, experimenting with local delicacies such as shekerbura and pakhlava; as well as savour delicious Azerbaijani kebabs and plov. Festivities take place across the entire country including Sheki, Shamakhi, Nakhchivan, Guba and Ganja.

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Novruz Holiday in Azerbaija

Novruz is a really old holiday in Azerbaijan. It has been centuries that Azeri people celebrating this holiday. Novruz has big and little bit complicated history. In this video, we talked about the history of Novruz and we gave you some information about Novruz that you should know. Nowadays, this holiday is local. And during the Novruz, all companies take days off.

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