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Ivanovka in Azerbaijan

A bit of history about the village

The village was officially registered in 1847 in Geokchai County. However, the foundation of the village, that is, the construction of houses by Molokans could have taken place as early as the early 40s. In particular, the date of 1840 appears very often. According to the archival materials, the first Molokan settlements in Azerbaijan were formed in 1834. Consequently, the presence of Molokans on the territory of Ivanovka before that date was impossible. Until 1936, three artels operated in the village, which later merged into the collective farm named after M.I. Kalinin.

From 1953 to 1994 the collective farm was managed by Nikitin N.V., who turned his subordinate enterprise into one of the leading successful farms of the republic. In 1971 Nikitin was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor for his success in agricultural development. In 1995 the villagers decided to rename the collective farm after Nikitin.

In its best years, the village of Ivanovka was home to almost 4,000 people. Over time, many have left in search of a better life, but some people of Ivanovka regularly come to the village to visit their relatives and dip into their memories.
There are pastures and a farm of pedigree cattle, a sawmill. Today the village has a kindergarten, a two-story school, and a new hospital. And, of course, nowhere without the house of culture - here the villagers celebrated and still do graduation parties and weddings, send-offs to the army and village anniversaries.
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Visiting Aunt Katya

The first Molokan settlers in Azerbaijan appeared in 1834. They founded the village of Alty-Agach in the mountain valley of the Ata-Chai River, overgrown with dense, impenetrable forests. At first they had to live in hastily built huts. From 1834 to 1839 in Alty-Agach settled 1681 people. Settlers came from Saratov, Tambov, Orenburg, Vladimir, Tauride, and Bessarabian provinces. A total of 310 families settled.


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