Рубрика: Azerbaijan

Explore the vibrant blend of ancient culture and modern dynamism in Azerbaijan. Nestled at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, this nation captivates with its rich history, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality. Discover the flame-filled mystique of Baku, the capital city, where futuristic architecture harmonizes with ancient landmarks. From the Caspian Sea’s scenic shores to the rugged beauty of the Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan beckons with natural wonders.

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Molokan village Ivanovka in Azerbaijan

Автор Asif Masimov

Aufrufe / Просмотров 521 Ivanovka in Azerbaijan <a href=»#down»> <svg xmlns=»http://www.w3.org/2000/svg» id=»ec6ca7c9-bfc0-4ab1-87c3-ea5e815431b5″ data-name=»Layer 1″ width=»14.4853″ height=»44.2426″ viewBox=»0 0 14.4853 44.2426″><title>Arrow-home</title><polygon…

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Country life vlog in Azerbaijan — Who are they?

Автор Asif Masimov

With the help of the «Knd Hyat» / «Country Life Vlog» / «Rural Life» YouTube channel, get to know the charm of Azerbaijani food. Watch how Azerbaijani grandma Aziza Khanum and her son Amiraslan Ramikhanov embark on a series of adventures while cooking hearty, flavorful meals over a campfire with organically grown fruits, veggies, and herbs. See how the Internet has shortened the distance between rural and urban areas and how persistence and passion may yield extraordinary outcomes. Experience the warmth and love of rural Azerbaijan with them as they travel.