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Məni Almaniyada nələr gözləyir?

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Yesterday ASN members met with new students,who have just started their study in Germany. Students from Leipzig and Potsdam came to Berlin especially to take part in this event.

The goal of the meeting was to discuss the problems,which may occur during the study in Germany and to explain how to avoid them. Our members Asif Masimov, Elgun Guluzade, Ziver Hajiyeva and Turab Gasimov tried to answer all of their questions. The event took part in KAD. Special thanks to Samira Patzer Ismayilova!
Asif Masimov showed a presentation about cultural differences and pecularities of German mentality where he underlined common issues which new students can encounter in Germany. After the presentation students had a possibility to informally discuss their inpressions and experiences while having a cup of tea. ©ASN

Cavid Əliyev Elgün Quluzadə Zivər Haciyeva Fariz Nicat Turab Gasımov Nəsibə Asif Məsimov Jəmil Zərbalıyev

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